Wordball Games is a episode in Season 3.


Hector has sprained his ankle and yells "hey, you guyys" and he can't participate in the games as The Electric Company will have to forfeit as when the Pranksters are celebrating, Manny breaks his ankle, too. As the only three players of the two teams can play and the games are back on. Keith beats Annie in the first round by making her jump the longest word in the dictionary and Jessica loses to Francine in the second round as Francine changed the length of a word. Marcus finds out he has to substitute for Hector in the Word Obstacle Course as Annie first cheats by scrambling the word "Hoop" in Marcus' way as Annie scrambles it back as Danny gets to the question before Marcus and can 't figure out the question "In the Wordball Games, what is the one thing you can't bend? As Marcus answers the question and the answer is "The rules". As the Electric Company wins again.