The Junior Assistant is the season finale of Season 3.


Francine is trying to get on the next season, "The Junior Assistant as the Ronald tells her to be in the show, she needs to cooperate with the Electric Company to be on the show. Francine goes to tell Hector that they need to bake 600 cookies with R decorated on the cookie before 5:00 and in return, the Ronald will start buying his cookies from the diner as Hector then yells "hey, you guyys". .As things gets bad because Francine is the leader and not cooperating with them. As when they have to use the Ronald's kitchen. As Franchbe then starts cooperating as the Ronald's junior assistant, Benjamin catches her blowing her whistle as when they finish 400 cookies, Francine doesn't listen to the company when she spread the cookie dough out and later the cookies come together as Hector becomes the leader and he uses a exercising bike machine that Paul is on and which will help Hector, Jessica, and Marcus decorate the cookies as Francine puts them in the boxes, which goes bad after Francine is daydreaming about being the Junior assistant and soon realizes the piled-up cookies as she tries to put then all in the boxes but the machine is going fast as she is eating them and putting then in the box and is about to put some in Marcus' hood, but the Ronald and Benjamin walk in and sees the cookies are not done and the Ronald fires Francine from being on the show and The Ronald invites Hector to be on the next season of the show as it is shown to him that Hector is a great leader.