The Great Compromise is an episode in season 2. It is episode 35.

== Plot== Francine and Keith were constantly throwing wordballs at the title of 153rd street. Francine tried to name it Francine's Way, Keith kept changing it back. After Keith yells for the Electric Company, Lisa and him go to see Inga Quigley. Lisa and Keith really argued with Francine & Annie. All 4 members of the Electric Company and all 4 pranksters recieve letters that powers and manny's gadgets are banned forever. Both groups met at the diner. Keith told the pranksters that he wanted help from them, which they were mad about. Reluctantly, the pranksters agreed to work with the Electric Company. They went to see Irna again. After their video on compromising, Irna wondered what their powers were useful for anyways. On a chair that had wet paint on it, Francine threw a wordball that said "WET PAINT". Francine had saved Irna's skirt, so she allowed all of them to get their powers and gadgets back.