'The Electric Company' is. A special group of a brother and a sister and two friends who are a team who protect their neighborhood and each other from the Pranksters. With their unique wordball power and their special skills. As they won't let those Pranksters ruin their fun. As The Electric Company always have great ideas to share, help, and even cooperate with any Prankster to get to the bottom of what they are doing, but the Electric Company always win, when they get their think on


Wordball PowerEdit

The power is when each member twist their wrist and a bluebell covered in letters appears in the palm of their hand and they throw it on a hard surface. It is unknown how Jessica and Lisa discovered the power.

The Pranksters/EnemiesEdit

  • Manny Spamboni
  • Francine Carruthers
  • Danny Rebus
  • Annie Scrambler
  • Gilda Flip

Neighborhood FriendsEdit

  • The Skelecians
  • Leo Watson
  • PJ Watson
  • Shock
  • Paul the Gorilla
  • The Great Calvero
  • Dax
  • Mario
  • Badini
  • Sabi Spamboni