The Adventures of The Electric Company on Prankster Planet' is the official game on the Electric Company website as it has it's own column "Planet" As you can only play your own avatar. The game was released on May 2nd, 2011 and re-released on March 19, 2012. The new game will be released on July 9, 2012.



Jessica and Marcus go to Prankster Planet in the Electric Diner to stop the Pranksters on Prankster Planet to stop the Wordsuckeruppernator which is a gadget made by Manny Spamboni which sucks up all the words from planet, Earth and giving the Pranksters total word domination. As Jess and Marcus have to push all 13 off buttons on Prankster Planet, they also have another problem as their wordball powers don't work on the planet and they need you're a help (As the Mission Movies end with cliffhangers). As in Mission 12, (the last level in the game) Jessica and Marcus make it to the last Off button while the Pranksters are distracted as They push it, Manny traps them in a deep room as their only hope of getting out is the door and the green button which is really high and the player must save them. While playing the game, you have to do mini-games as they stuff you need is provided and collect wordballs to use for your wordball meter for your mission gear. If you complete the game, then you get a poster of your avatar, Marcus, and Jessica together as it says you are now a official member of the Electric Company which you could print out.


Jessica and Marcus head back to Prankster Planet to stop Francine's Reverse-A-Ball machines which reverses wordballs and spits them back to Earth and reverses all the words as your character must pull down all 8 levers on all 8 machines to shut them all down.

Voice CastEdit


  • Hector and Keith are absent in the game, but can be seen in the first page of the Lost Guide magazine.
  • Gilda is absent in the game.
  • For the new game, Francine maybe the only one on Prankster Planet.