.Scrambled Brains is the 10th episode of season 1 of the Electric Company


Lisa sees Annie with her uncle Sigmund. Sigmund changed Lisa and Annie's brains around so Annie was good and Lisa was evil. Annie joined The Electric Company while Lisa was creating chaos on her own. Lisa changed all the signs to make them ugly-looking. For example, a sign read "free mug with your coffee", Lisa changed it to "Free bug with your coffee. Annie was making the text beautiful looking. She changed the sign to free hug with your coffee".

The people in the city thought Lisa was making the signs beautiful, so they started to love her. Lisa eventually got angry. Sigmund switched thier brains back to thier regular form. Annie was mad at Lisa and the rest of the Electric Company.

In the end, Lisa accidentally bumped Shock in the shoulder when he was carrying a Strawberry Ice cream sundae, causing her to get Ice cream all over her face.