Marcus Barnes is the youngest new member of the Electric Company. He appears in Season 3.


Marcus is the youngest and newest member of the Electric Company. He discovered he had the wordball power
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Marcus Barnes

while playing baseball and he couldn't get the wordballs straight on the surface and they would start bouncIng off the walls, as his new friends taught him by using a target. Marcus then gets three wordballs on the target and gets to join to the Electric Company and his special skill is math as he loves math as he can do numbers, graphs, batches, and other math equations. Marcus seems to be hungry all the time as he is always carving for waffles and pickles. Marcus is sort of gullible by buying something from Francine. Marcus is sometimes telling stories about his uncle. Marcus has a record of balancing a sandwich on his chin. Marcus has all kind of favorite numbers. Marcus gets his name called wrong by Francine as she calls "Marty Farms". Jessica looks up to Marcus because he is now the youngest and they seem to look out for each other. Marcus is fresh and the comedian of the neighborhood. Marcus is very smart when it comes to solving math problems. Marcus is a fools athlete, too.


Marcus has the wordball power and a math skill which can graphs, numbers, batches, and anything else involving math. At first, Marcus couldn't get his wordballs straight, but got them straight with the help of his friends.


  • Marcus is a replacement for Lisa (Jenni Barber).
  • Marcus appeared in every episode in season 3.
  • he has a unknown dad