Manny Spamboni is a member of the pranksters, who is portrayed by Dominic Colon.

Manny Spamboni


Manny is crude, rude, cheater, and selfish. Manny seems to have a loud and weird laugh. Manny is always using his gadgets on the Electric Company.


Manny likes robotics, mechanics, and piano. Manny is sometimes always seen with his little robot which has a shirt with Manny's face on it and a hat.


Hector RuizEdit

Hector and Manny do not get along, probably because of them being rivals (Electric company-Pranksters)

Francine CarruthersEdit

Francine and Manny are close friends.

Lisa HeffenbacherEdit

Manny does not trust Lisa. He even put his bag of dirty gym socks in her locker.

Sammy SpamboniEdit

Manny's relationship with his brother is unknown. But they don't get along because Manny froze Sammi with his remote.


Manny has a mother, named mrs spamboni a baby sister, a brother named sammy and a dog.


Manny has no actual powers, but he is great at making his own gadgets.