Keith is the fourth member of the Electric Company, and the second youngest, if you include Marcus Barnes


Keith is one of the youngest members of the Electric Company. He has the power to draw anything and it would come to life. Keith's dad was the owner of the Electric Diner. Keith thinks he is a expert at throwing wordballs. Keith is athletic, like Hector; he enjoys basketball and soccer. In season 3, Keith appears to have grown up. He was once frozen by Manny and Annie. He thinks he defeated Hector at a game in the first episode. Keith is logical and level-headed when it cones to the Prankster's tricks. Keith discovers his power when playing Horse and by throwing an "E" to Hector's name. Keith is very smart, and he even knows the longest word in the dictionary and can do flips. Keith can also play the piano and he also goes to piano camp.


Lisa HeffenbacherEdit

Lisa & Keith are close friends.

Jessica RuizEdit

Jessica and Keith are pretty close.


Shock and Keith are pretty close due to Keith's dad working at the diner.

Annie ScramblerEdit

Annie and keith are not very close.

Francine CarruthersEdit

Keith disliked Francine.


Keith's father works at the Electric Diner.


He can draw pictures in the air and throw wordballs.


Keith was absent for some episodes and was absent for 2 episodes in season 3.