Hector is a member of the Electric Company and is also the eldest and the leader.


Hector is very helpful and kind, but can be vain and selfish. He is Jessica's older brother and they are really close. Hector is in college and is now possibly in his 20s. Hector loves basketball and is the current owner of the Electric Diner. Hector has been enemies with Manny Spamboni ever since they were kids. He is best friends with Shock. Hector is the leader of the Electric Company. His power is that he can replay any image he has seen (that of a video camera). Hector first discovered he had the power when he got a wordball on his buttocks. Hector is very loyal when there is trouble, along with the other members of the company. Hector seems to sometimes wear his favorite hat and was once afraid of beetles.


Lisa HeffenbacherEdit

Hector is one of Lisa's closest friends.

Manny SpamboniEdit

Manny is not very close to Hector and has been enemies since they were kids.

Danny RebusEdit

Danny and Hector are not very close, despite at the end of every Electric Company episode that danny appears in, Danny makes up with the Electric Company.


He can throw wordballs, and replay any image he sees.


Hector likes to eat 12 pancakes for breakfast.


  • Hector was absent for half of season 2 as it seems he was on vacation.