or Aunts is an Electric Company episode in season 1 and the 25th episode.


Annie Scrambler and Lisa Heffenbacher both recieve letters telling them that they are on the game show Friends or Aunts. Lisa chooses hector as her partner and Annie chooses her aunt Sandy. But when Lisa and Annie meet, Lisa yells "HEY YOU GUYS" . The Electric Company is Delighted to hear that lisa is on the show, but wonder why Annie is on it too.Lisa goes on the show, but Sandy hyponises the host's assistant, making him sleep for the whole show, and replaces him with Francine. This causes Lisa & Hector to trail 538-0. Jessica arrives at the studio, Then Hector throws a wordball that tells her that the "assistant host" is just francine in a mustache. Then, Jessica finds Francine, and the host Wakes up the assistant host by loudly yelling. The host shut francine in the soundproof box, then goes to the second round, which Lisa and Hector got as close as 293-538.

Lisa & Hector got the last question, which was for 250 points and the win, which Lisa's favorite lunch was turkey and swiss on 7 grain bread, load of mayo with a pickle on the side.