Here are the guidelines for this wiki:


1. No profanity or saying inappropriate things.

2. Do not remove content from pages unless you know it is false.

3. Do not add false or inappropriate information to pages.

4. No bullying of any form is allowed on this wiki.

5. No spamming. Spamming is posting the same thing over and over again, whether on articles or in comments in the case of this wiki.

6. No trolling on this wiki.

7. No irrelevant comments.

8. Doing edits like removing content from pages and adding it back on the pages, and rewording sentences is unacceptable.

9. No vandalism of any form is allowed on this wiki, including removing content based on your like/dislike of a certain topic/character etc.

10. Inserting sexual text or images is prohibited on this wiki.

11. Do not add unnecessary categories to pages on this wiki.

12. Do not duplicate pages on this wiki.

13. Do not remove or mess up templates on this wiki.

14. No inappropriate/ profane comments are permitted on this wiki.

15. Doing any of these things will likely get you blocked/banned from this wiki, depending on the seriousness of what you have done.

16. Blocks can last anywhere from a few hours to permenately.

17. Not having read this policies is not an excuse.

18. Have fun on this wiki.